6 Pro Tips for brilliant Back to School photos

lf you’re a parent like me, the first day back at school is very exciting but also quite daunting.The shoes, the lunchbox, the hat and every item tagged with your little one's name on it. But.. have you prepared for that special photo moment for the first day back at school? The pressure from the mother-in-law and every other relative to get that amazing pic!! - OMG how will l cope?
l have put together some of my pro tips to help get you through this essential task.

1. Chose your weapon of choice
Whether you use a phone, compact camera or digital SLR make sure it's ready for battle with lot's of memory and fully charged.

2. Location, Location, Location
The Back to School photo is an environmental portrait that reflects where your child lives or plays, so pick a location or two that you both like and hopefully you can repeat that same location each year.

3. Light and shade
The location you decide on should take lighting into consideration. lf you're using your phone, pick an area that has neutral light with no harsh shadows. lf you're using a camera -  where you can control the exposure, back lighting can work nicely. Watch for lens flare and make sure you expose for the shadows.
lf it's an overcast day the lighting shouldn't matter as much.

4. Practice

l suggest making all of the above decisions a few days before the big day so you can practice your skills in the actual location and reflect on how you can improve on your photos before the big day.

5. 100s & 1000s

Take as many photos as you possibly can and check them before stopping, it's always better to have too many great pics to chose from than not enough.

6. Have fun

Photographing children can be difficult at the best of times so let your lovelies be themselves and have fun, they can't pull a funny face forever so be prepared for when they stop and you'll get a great pic.

Behind the Scenes

Client The Original Seekers
Brief To create classic timeless black and white portraits for a new album
Photographic solution Work with a bunch of amazing musicians who have 100% faith in my creativity and ability to produce great images

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